Our Mission

From the bottom up, we focus on establishing strong roots in order to grow. Our mission is all we need is to be more Thankful for Honey Bees. Bees And Thank You is small company who plans to grow into a 501-c3 non-profit. Our primary goals involve spreading a communal attitude and response towards stopping deforestation and the rapid decline of Bees.


Grilled Cheese To Save The Bees

All of the money raised through grilled cheese sales goes to aiding us in our efforts to stop the decline of the Honey Bee. Our end goal is to open our own Organic Bee Sanctuaries.

Seeds for the Bees

This year we are starting a new initiative, Seeds for the Bees. Upon request, we will be giving out packets of various pollinator seeds, so people can plant them in their gardens. Along with these seeds, we will be giving out information leaflets explaining the importance of having plenty of pollinator plants in your garden. It is our hope by doing this, there will be an ever growing of interest in Honey bees, and the plants they need to survive.


Grilled Cheese for the Trees

Currently, we work along side One Tree Planted to aid in their reforestation efforts. For each dollar donated a tree is planted!