Bees and thank you
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AMAZING!!! This was the greatest grilled cheese experience!!! Can’t WAIT to come back!! YOU MUST CHECK THIS PLACE OUT!!!

— Alex S.


Smartest addition to grilled cheese! And a rad cause, win/ win!! Save the Bees! Eat more grilled cheese!! And Honey :)

— Honora Honey K

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Our Roots

From the bottom up, we focus on establishing strong roots in order to grow. Our mission is all we need is to be more Thankful for Honey Bees. Our primary goals involve spreading a communal attitude and response towards stopping deforestation and the rapid decline of Bees.


Our Cheese

Saving Bees and Trees one Grilled Cheese at a Time.

If you are interested in learning more about us and having us as vendors at your event please click the link below.